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We know that your advertising dollars are thin, so allow us to leverage our relationships and multi-channel marketing plan to make your advertising budget go further! 


Multi-Channel Advertising Blitz

Your brand takes center stage, not just during the event, but before and after too. Our comprehensive advertising strategy ensures your brand receives maximum exposure in the Pittsburgh metro market. We have a multi-pronged media blitz planned.  


For six weeks leading up to the event, your brand will be in the spotlight. Here’s what you should expect:


  • Online Dominance: Your brand will be featured prominently on the Pittsburgh Sports Expo website and across our branded app, social media platform, newsletters, and partner websites and social platforms. A paid social media plan will maximize targeted local results for sports-minded customers. Our partnership with Fox 53 television and Audacy radio, which includes favorite stations The Fan, Star 100.7, Y108, KDKA, and more extends our reach even further!

  • Front-of-Mind Influence: Our advertising strategy doesn't just create awareness; it converts to tangible online sales and advocacy through local television and radio campaigns as well as signage opportunities.

Collaborate with the Best Brands

When you join us, you're not just part of an event; you're part of an exclusive community of trusted health, wellness, and lifestyle brands. We curate this community with the utmost care to ensure that every brand featured meets the highest standards of excellence in their field.

  • Strategic Showcase: Your organization will enjoy preferred placement in one of our core focus areas, enhancing your visibility. All vendors are welcome to choose the plans that serve them best, from in-venue booths and signage to digital opportunities.

  • Industry Excellence: Our event is a carefully selected platform, bringing together businesses and industries relevant to health, wellness, and sports, one of the most coveted demographics.

  • Community Access: As a sponsor, you're not just a participant; you're a primary contributor to providing free community access to valuable health resources. We expect several thousands of participants to be in the venue during this event!

Community Engagement

Our event connects your organization with potential customers seeking fitness, sports, parenting, and wellness solutions that can positively influence their lives. Our customers are the target audience for health, wellness, sports, and nutrition-related products. By becoming a Sponsor, you'll help families achieve their health and wellness goals. 

  • Social Responsibility: Your organization will be prominently displayed as a sponsor that has financially supported community access to vital health resources.

  • Targeted Outreach: We ensure your brand aligns with like-minded community members through precise demographic targeting.

  • Positive Brand Impact: Your association directly contributes to social responsibility and ethical values, further enhancing your brand's reputation.

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